Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters and we take it seriously. Because of this we collect the most minimal amount of information possible from you, and want you to be informed about what we collect and use for your user experience.

First lets make a little distinction between "collect" and "use" as these are two different things that should be important to you.

  • When we say we 'collect,' we mean information that is sent from your device to our server about you. We try to keep this to a minimum.
  • When we say we 'use,' we mean we need information from your device to perform an activity, but the information needed is not stored or sent to our servers.
Certain actions on a mobile device require using data that might reveal private information about you, but this information doesn't have to leave your phone. For example, in order for you to send us feedback via email using your phone's default email app, we need to access to your accounts stored on your device. This is a requirement specified by the device's operating system that we can't control. In this case, the app has access to basic account information on your device, but don't worry, we aren't collecting any of your account information. The only thing we will receive is the email address you sent the feedback from. In this case, we are 'using' your account information, but not 'collecting' it.

So lets get down to it, what does District Commuter collect?

Your email address. When? Only when you elect to submit feedback through the District Commuter app by clicking on our email address in the "About" section of the app. When this happens, you are brought to your default email app to send an email so you have complete knowledge of what you are sending us. If you wish to send feedback without an email, use the "Send Feedback" feature, in this case, email is optional so you can send us honest feedback without transferring personal information.

Location. We collect your device's location so that we can give you Lyft time estimates and show you nearby metro stations. This data is anonymized and is not associated with you, your device, or any other potentially sensitive information related to you. We do not store or share this information in a manner that can be traced backed to you.

Device type, OS version, model, manufacturer, and ID. This information is collected only when you use the "Send Feedback" option. We collect this information to help us identify the cause of any issues you may be experiencing that might be the result of an incompatibility between District Commuter and your device. This information is used only for diagnosing problems, it is not shared with anyone outside the District Commuter development team.

What does District Commuter use?

Your account information. Again, this is only so we can look up your email address on your device so you can send us feedback. In this case you have complete control over what information you're sending us.

So what else is there to know?

Data protection. We collect the least amount of information about you we can to ensure we can provide you with your commuter information. Unfortunately, we still have to collect some information as mentioned above. In order to protect this information, all data we send between your device and our server is encrypted. This ensures anyone who might be able to see the traffic between you and us over the internet is unable to see any of your information.

That's it!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!